Throwing and Sculpting in Clay

We've got some fantastic presenters again this year!  What's your thing?  We've got throwers and decorators, sculptors and handbuilders.  Demonstrations at ScanCeram are a great chance to see a lot of different techniques in person, in a diverse context!


We're focusing on Ceramic art in Spain this year, with a fantastic presentation by the editor of, Wladimir Vivas.  Wladimir will help us understand about contemporary ceramics in Spain, how it follows or converges with historical trends, and what sort of trajectories he anticipates in the future.  He'll also tell us about his impressions from his time in Japan in the fall of 2017.


Japan is a second national focus of ScanCeram2018, and we'll have presentations by a number of ceramic artists from around Scandinavia who have travelled, lived, and worked there recently, as well as presentations and demonstrations by ceramics artists from Japan itself.

Ceramic Exchanges and Travel

What do we gain from Travel?  From exploration and meetings?  Do you have a story of how travel affected your work, changed your perspective, lead to new markets and directions in your work?  Join us for open discussion forum about how travel, workshops, and exchanges lead to broader horizons!

Internet and Online Marketing

What are some good examples of best practice with online media like Facebook, Instagram, twitter, and our websites?  What's new and trending, and how is it that we take objects like ceramic art and transfer them to sales online?